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We are a design and development studio that specializes in building smarter MVPs. We have helped our clients create powerful interfaces with high-quality designs, and modular software, resulting in increased user engagement and revenue.

Our services

For most of our clients, the vision is clear, but getting there is the obvious clog in the wheel. You need someone who can visualize the whole picture from the start, and provide support through every phase of the project. This is exactly what we are promising, with a variety of services ranging from product strategy to software development.

If you see an offering that’s close to, but not exactly, what you need, please book a call further down the page. We’d love to talk with you.

Product strategy and research services

Product Roadmap

Best for: Teams with a prototype

Pricing: $10,000

Description: You’ve got a great idea, but you need someone to build it. You’re not sure what or how to start the next step. We interview potential and existing customers, provide a detailed product plan with EPICs, user stories, and offer multiple options for building your next step.

Customer Research

Best for: Teams exploring a product idea

Pricing: included in Product Roadmap

Description: You've spent months researching, designing and developing your product. You know it's good but you're not sure if it'll sell. We can help you validate whether or not your product is what customers want to buy before wasting time and money on manufacturing or marketing materials.

Product design services

Prototype Development

Best for: Teams looking to test their product idea

Pricing: $8,000

Description: Knowing what you are going to build before you build it is expensive and time-consuming. We do it for you with Figma or UXPin, our full design process, and interactive prototype to review in real-time. Our goal is to work together on your product vision and get it in front of real users as quickly as possible.

Product development services

MVP Development

Best for: Teams who want us to build and manage their entire application

Pricing: $30,000+

Description: Your idea is brilliant, but you're not a developer. We can help take your ideas to the next level. We'll handle design implementation and backend APIs so you can focus on what matters most: building your business.

Ongoing support

Best for: Teams who want help supporting or iterating on their product

Pricing: Starts at $12,000 per month

Description: You need to hire someone full-time, but your startup can't afford it. Dusseau and Company offers retainers for design and development that's customized to each client. You'll have more time for what matters most.

Startup Founder Kit Coming Soon

Getting started

The very first step in establishing a working relationship with our team is having a 30-min product strategy call with our founder.

The purpose of this product strategy call is to give us the chance to hear you talk about your project at length. In that time, you will also get to learn all you need to know about us, our product development process, and how we work. By the end of the call, you will know exactly what to expect moving forward.

Submit an application

We enjoy our work, but what's even more enjoyable for us is to be able to maintain a close working relationship with our clients. Working this way makes it easy for us to meet all of their needs at every stage of the work as the project progresses.

Although we wish we could offer our services to everyone, unfortunately, this is impossible. Our work model is not for every client or every project. We hold ourselves to very high standards, and in order to be able to fulfill our promises, we only work with clients whose projects fit perfectly with how we work and the services we provide. This is why we require prospective clients to complete a project application. This application is how we determine if we are the right fit for your project.

Start your application now

We want to ensure you have the best experience possible, which is why you're required to complete our project application. Kindly spare some time to do this, attaching it to its utmost importance. As already stated, the application will help us decide if we are the right team to take on your project.

Who we are

Congratulations, your project has been accepted! 🎉

We have decided your project fits right into the way we work here at Dusseau and co. However, before we proceed, hang on a second. It is important that you take a detailed look at our operations. Since your application has been approved, you will receive a follow-up email to set up an hour-long extensive conversation on our company.

During the call, you will not only learn about our company, its history, and product development paradigm; you will also learn what to expect from our team and what we require from yours.

By the end of the call, if we're both in agreement to proceed, we will send you one last questionnaire to help us understand your project beyond the surface level. This questionnaire will help us draw up a workable budget, and collect the needed data on your project needs. If you request it, we can also show you our service examples.

Project estimate

Creative work is unpredictable. There is no other way to say this. Estimating for such a project is even more difficult. For us at Dusseau and Company, our estimating policy revolves around the Cone of Uncertainty, first introduced in 1981.


The biggest takeaways here is that software development projects are most uncertain at the beginning of the project with a variability of 25% - 400%.

Our effort to keep project surprises to a minimum we work under an agile environment and have some hard project rules we follow. Estimate confidence varies by project but that is something we would discuss in detail during our deep dive.

Once we estimate your project, the next step is to get our small business friendly agreements signed and hold our kickoff call.

Let's start a new project together

Stop wasting time and kick off your project today with a 30-min strategy call with our founder.