Who we are

Who we are

Who we are

Background & History

We are Dusseau and Company, a software development studio that specializes in building Minimum Viable Products for our esteemed clients.


Dusseau and Company was founded in 2018, in Washington DC. Our founder, Mark Dusseau had worked as a consultant for some of the world's biggest tech consulting firms, commonly referred to as the "Big 5". With his experience in the corporate world, it wasn't a difficult decision when he decided to quit and embrace the vision of helping to build small businesses and emerging startups.

At inception, we provided data science and engineering services. Our clients were mainly local government agencies and small businesses. At that stage of the company's history, we had quite a different set of goals and objectives from what we have today. In those early days, our primary focus was on building predictive models to help our clients' finance teams make better and more informed decisions about their organization's operations.


By 2019, we had build a financial management solution for the department of state which went on to be nominated by the small business administration for their annual technology innovation award. This milestone propelled us forward, and we had begun to receive custom software development requests from our clients that made us reconsider our focus as a company. In response to these new demands, Mark brought on one of his good friends from his corporate days, John, as a lead engineer with a goal to add end-to-end software development to our list of services.



Technical Product Manager

Mark is the President and Executive Director of Product at Dusseau and Company.

Mark spent the early half of his career as a Data scientist for some of the world's largest consulting firms. His scientific approach to product development provides thought leadership in product strategy & delivery, data analytics, and customer analysis. He has brought success to many companies.



Lead Engineer

John is the Lead Engineer at Dusseau and Company. He manages engineering practices and principles.

John is a seasoned, hands-on engineer with extensive experience leading the design, launch, and migration of technology platforms. As head of the core engineering group at Dusseau & Company, LLC, he is focused on building and delivering on high-caliber engineering teams that deliver top-quality software at speed.


As of 2021, we've come full circle as a company. We are now a reputable company with considerable experience on our hands. We have been able to fully scale our operations. We have a fully functional remote team with amazing professionals who have shown they can help small businesses and early-stage founders build the necessary applications to support their growth and development. The companies we've worked with so far are spread across several industries like health, travel, retail, e-commerce, and fintech.

Trusted by our government , innovative small businesses and a whole lot of startups.


The Problem We Set Out To Solve

Ours is an industry that had existed and was well established before we came into existence. There were already many companies whose mission was to build Minimum Viable Products and applications to help founders and their new startups scale their businesses.

However, we looked at the product development processes used by the the top tech consulting firms and identified a couple of problems that we wanted to solve by approaching things differently. The second problem was the costs of hiring quality engineers to work on projects. Many early-stage startups could not afford to hire competent engineers at the available hourly rates of $200-300. We realized many early-stage startups were being effectively priced out of quality solutions for their company growth. It was a situation in which quality seemed to be synonymous with huge costs.

As we broke into the industry, our ultimate goal was to remove financial bottlenecks and allow these startups and small businesses access to enterprise grade software development services.


We approach software as scientists would approach developing a new vaccine. First, we identify the problem question. What is our product objective? What problem are we trying to solve? (product framing). Next, we validate the problem through experiments to determine workability (MVP development, Market Research, Prototype development). Then we analyze the results of the experiment (Post-product launch analytics). This is an iterative process, where we are always learning and improving the product.

Dusseau & Company was great to work with. The best part of working with them was seeing their effort to fully understand the project, the pain point the project would be solving, and the reason for our desired solution.

Our Target Audience

We typically work with startups in their infant stages, especially with founders who have brilliant ideas but do not yet know how to start. It is not uncommon in the tech space to find companies who already have fantastic ideas, an overload of ideas even, but cannot quite figure out how to proceed. Information overload can be a problem in this context because it makes it difficult for the founder and her team to sort out these ideas one after the other and prioritize them according to their importance. Also, we particularly target smaller businesses with limited funding who may not be able to compete with giants out there. The goal is to democratize the tech space and give every founder/startup the chance to be competitive and to see their idea being developed into an actual product.


Finding Solutions

Having identified our target audience and the problems they encounter, we set out to develop solutions using our processes built on the back of corporate America but priced at a small business rate. However, knowing what exactly we wanted to achieve with our clients did not exactly make the process hassle-free for our team.

The first end-to-end software contract we signed was to develop a social media app for Black entrepreneurs. The founders were two professors from the University Of Oregon, the same institution Mark, our founder, bagged his first degree. The idea of the app was a platform where entrepreneurs could meet and network, carrying out B2B transactions. with each other. Within three months, the software processed over 76,000 transactions and 35,000 instant messages. It was an instant success, so much so that the founders ended up selling the company to new owners, which ended our work on the software.

Although it may not have looked like it at the time, most of what we did at the time was largely experimentation. We tried our ideas and held onto the ones that worked while discarding the ones which didn't. We were able to put together our experiences with other clients to design our future work processes. It wasn't always pretty, but it was effective and led us to this point in our evolution as a company.

Dusseau & Company has the consummate professionals. They asked and made recommendations and completed our project in an expedited manner. We would not hesitate to utilize them again.



We faced quite a number of them, especially in the early days. We had to work extra hard to prove to our clients that we could handle their projects. The biggest challenge was that of trust. The tech ecosystem can be quite difficult to navigate sometimes, and especially for new companies, it makes trusting a bit complicated. Getting our clients to display trust in us to handle their ideas and build their applications was quite a daunting task.

How We're Pursuing Purpose

In terms of the goals we set at the beginning of this journey, it is safe to say we're currently on track. Our founder, as a former teacher at John Hopkins School of engineering where he taught computational mathematics, brought his teaching experience to the fore. The importance of this is that it allows us to be effective in communicating technical concepts to the unfamiliar with patience and empathy. Like we always say, we want our clients to walk away with a comfortable understanding of technology. Seeing is believing.


Our Milestones

Since 2018 when Dusseau and Company was founded, we're proud to say that we've worked with more than 10 happy clients, some of whom are now in long-term partnerships with us. In the process, we've built MVPs that have managed to raise $200k and over $5m in valuations.


What's Next?

We want to be known for having worked with the most innovative founders in the world of tech. We want to help these early-stage startups scale and become powerhouses in their industries. For us at Dusseau and Company, as long as we can help these startups build their company, impact their culture or even help them identify the right talent in the process; we consider it a win for our team.

The Future

As a company, our goal for the future is simple enough. We want a future where anyone can aspire to build what they want without having to be pegged back. Tech should not have entry bottlenecks. Tech should be for everyone and anyone with an idea. Our job is to show them how. The goal is to do more to diversify tech, help black founders and connect black tech talents with startups. We believe a more inclusive tech ecosystem will be better for the world, with an additional advantage of diverse perspectives and strategy to product design and development.


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